Team Building

The first phase of the session, where participants in the role of delegates gather for the first time in their chosen working group called a committee, through the experienced-based pedagogy that is used through performing outdoor and indoor activities to form international teams. Participants are split into international working groups and careful facilitation ensures that the ice is quickly broken and that in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, new intercultural teams are formed. This increases participants’ readiness to be open and receptive to new cultures and creative ideas.


The opportunity during the session for the participants to introduce their cultures through food and beverages, souvenirs and traditional clothes from their home countries. These cultural aspects allow participants to identify common forms of cultural expression, as well as values and attitudes. This will quite naturally foster the development of a sense of a European identity.

Committee Work

The Committees discuss their ideas and views on a selected topic and try to find solutions. The topics usually concern the current European or global issue. At the end, they write down their conclusion in a form of resolution. The participants discover that intercultural dialogue is in fact possible and that conflicts and points of disagreement can be solved through an open exchange of views and compromise in a culturally diverse environment. At the same time, participants learn how to creatively come up with innovative solutions to pressing problems, and how to best formulate and present their proposals. 

Townhall debate

The Townhall event will gather all the participants to hear out debates on solutions for contemporary issues and ideas for the future of Europe. The panelists will be stakeholders from Poland, the V4 region and the European Union.

Opportunities Fair

During this event, schools, universities, local and national companies, and also international enterprises can promote themselves and tell about its operations and functioning. Furthermore, thanks to this event participants can focus on one of EYP’s core values – empowerment. Thanks to this fair our participants will be able to talk to professionals from a wide range of fields and inquire more about their dream professions or paths of education, as well as celebrate the diversity of interests in our network.


An evening event where participants are invited to present their creative talents in singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing or any other type of performance. From ballet to regional songs, all artists are welcome to make this night very special.

General Assembly

All committees come together to debate their proposed resolutions during the General Assembly, following standard parliamentary procedures. All participants are encouraged to be active during debates by delivering speeches and participating in rounds of debate in order to share their points of view and ideas.