About the project

Under the theme The Future is Europe, the international youth conference of the European Youth Parliament will bring together around 300 young participants from 40 countries. for 9 days, in Warsaw, that will go through a non-formal and informal learning experience aimed at promoting European citizenship, active participation, democratic procedures and values, and intercultural dialogue. Within the project, we wish to encourage young people to actively participate in discussions currently on the EU political agenda, and learn new skills through working in international multicultural teams on challenging political topics.

With “The Future is Europe” as our session’s motto, we want all of its participants to reflect and think about what is to come, and how our generation can shape it. We want them to think about their day to day actions now, because it is the consequences of these actions that we will experience in the future. Finally we want them to reflect on how our generation can make this future brighter, safer and an exciting time to look forward to.

What is an International Session?

International Sessions are the flagship events of the EYP. The very first International Session of the European Youth Parliament took place in Fontainebleau, France in 1988. Since then, the EYP organises three International Sessions every year. Each of them brings together about 300 young people for 9 days from around 40 European countries.

International Sessions also serve as best practice showcases and laboratories for innovations in the network. Here, good ideas can be implemented and shared as best practices for the organisation.

Run by young people, for young people

Just like all other EYP events, International Sessions are organised by young people, for young people. The majority of those who take part in an International Session are participants. Participants are selected by their National Committees, usually through a competitive selection process at the national level – for example, at a “National Selection Conference”.

At the session, young people also take on various other roles as moderators, organisers, or members of the “media team”. They are selected by a selection panel, composed of representatives from the hosting National Committee, the Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament, and previous active EYP members who have held the positions at previous sessions.

Since 1988, more than 90 International Sessions have been hosted in 29 countries and in more than 70 different cities, allowing over 20,000 young people to experience the EYP spirit and learn how to collaborate across borders. A complete list of the EYP’s International Sessions can be found here.